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Our Mission

“Think beyond the possible” is more than a motto at Case Western Reserve University. It exemplifies our approach, and obligation, as an institution of higher learning.

It's more than finding answers. It's asking new questions. It's more than questioning convention. It's imagining what's never been. Case Western Reserve University is a community of scholars united in our pursuit of knowledge. We aspire to expand all boundaries and reach for what isn't yet. Because the only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them.

Our Mission: Every day, Case Western Reserve University improves people’s lives through preeminent research, education and creative endeavor.

We realize this goal through:

  • Scholarship that capitalizes on the power of collaboration.
  • Learning that is active, creative and continuous.
  • Promotion of an inclusive culture of global citizenship.

This emphasis on impact attracts special kinds of people to our campus. People with extraordinary aspirations. People who think they can change the world. People who, over time, actually do.