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Sunday November 18, 2018

Helpful Resources
Advisor Resources
We are pleased to provide helpful information such as sample bequest language and organizational information (legal description, address and Tax ID) and encourage you to use our Planned Gifts Calculator.
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GiftLaw Pro
Charitable Tax Reference
GiftLaw Pro is a complete charitable giving and tax information service inside the GiftLaw website...
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Estate Planning Advisory Council
We recognize that important philanthropic decisions are often made in partnership with individual, family members, professional advisors, and CWRU.
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Deduction Calculator
Deduction Calculator
The GiftLaw Calculator is a planned gifts calculator for professionals that follows the IRS format. Click here to access and run charitable deduction calculations for your favorite gift plan...
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The information provided by the Office of Planned Giving on this website is intended to provide general information that may be helpful to you in your charitable, financial and estate planning. It is not intended and should not be taken as legal, tax or other professional advice. Figures, calculations, and tax information are based on federal tax laws, regulations, rulings, and rates applicable at the time the information was prepared and are for illustration purposes only. Individual state laws may affect the availability of gift annuities. You should always consult with an attorney, accountant or other professional advisor for advice or assistance with your particular financial situation.